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The Newly Hatched Sea Turtles in Kuta Beach

Many people who have visited Bali, most of them have been in Kuta beach also. Both domestic and foreign tourists are familiar with this beach. They enjoy the sunlight, surfing, or just splashing with warmth water in Kuta beach. But there is a special place here, it is Sea Turtles conservation. (Watch the video at the end of this post)

Newly Hatched Baby Sea Turtles

Luckily when I was in this beach (about 9 AM), they announced that there are newly hatched sea turtles then. So I came to the hatchery place and watched it. The baby sea turtles, oh they are cute 🙂 . I have seen baby sea turtle before (on television). But it’s such great experience to watch them directly. They crawled from inside of the sand. And after they reached the surface, they crawled to any directions, Hahha :-D. The hatchery officer told me that he will release them to the sea on 5 PM in the next day.

me in front of hatchery place :p

FYI: Kuta beach is one of a small number of locations for adult sea turtles to lay their eggs. Continue reading