Easily Uninstall Android Phone Factory App

Few moment ago, I had time to uninstall factory apps from my android phone. I googled about how to do it. And I found that there is a way to do it easily, which is using Titanium Backup. Some of my friends can uninstall factory apps by directly delete the application from system folder. But I’m not sure it’s safe or not. So, I chose to uninstall factory app using Titanium Backup.

In order to be able to use Titanium Backup features, your phone must be rooted first! So, how to root your phone? You can check my article here or go Google it 😛

One more important thing that you must notice. You must be very careful to choose which factory app to uninstall. Because if you mistakenly uninstall vital factory app in your phone, it might cause your phone unstable. For example, I uninstalled Samsung Apps, Samsung MMM, and AllShare. Those factory applications are not vital for my phone, so it’s safe for me to uninstall it. I recommend you to not uninstall important applications such as Gallery, call dialer, SMS, internet browser, GMail, Play Store, and etc.

Give a try if you really need to it. Good luck!

The Newly Hatched Sea Turtles in Kuta Beach

Many people who have visited Bali, most of them have been in Kuta beach also. Both domestic and foreign tourists are familiar with this beach. They enjoy the sunlight, surfing, or just splashing with warmth water in Kuta beach. But there is a special place here, it is Sea Turtles conservation. (Watch the video at the end of this post)

Newly Hatched Baby Sea Turtles

Luckily when I was in this beach (about 9 AM), they announced that there are newly hatched sea turtles then. So I came to the hatchery place and watched it. The baby sea turtles, oh they are cute 🙂 . I have seen baby sea turtle before (on television). But it’s such great experience to watch them directly. They crawled from inside of the sand. And after they reached the surface, they crawled to any directions, Hahha :-D. The hatchery officer told me that he will release them to the sea on 5 PM in the next day.

me in front of hatchery place :p

FYI: Kuta beach is one of a small number of locations for adult sea turtles to lay their eggs. Continue reading

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